Monday, April 30, 2012


I am feeling very melancholy as I sit here thinking of the past year and that it is over.  It is ending in quite an unimpressive way.  Geez, if only I had a few friends that played some instruments that would go marching through the great outdoors with me...if only. ;) I do have an HH sitting behind me playing on his new guitar that he just bought, and that is somewhat fabulous, considering that he's been playing on the same guitar for 19 years!

I'm not sure where this little blog stands now.  I'm sure I'll keep it up and going if only a little bit.  In fact I have a post from Ashley's little Yard Sale adventure (without me!) from last weekend.  It's going to blow you out of the water!  So look forward to that.

I still can't believe that it has been a year, I'm rather impressed with myself though.  I know that sounds super self indulgent, but hey I just went 366 (1 extra day because of leap year.  YES I'm counting it!) days buying only second-hand items! I deserve to be a little self indulgent and since I'm here, without a marching band, and I am a words person then I will go on in my self indulgence. :)  I'm AWESOME! Okay, I'm done now...

This project has been stressful as you know, and I've hated it, and cried because of it, BUT it has done so much GOOD for me and my family.  It has saved us so much $$$, has made me more aware of how wasteful we can be, and helped me think outside of the box more then ever.  I look back and can see how much good it has done for us.  I also hope that I have helped people be more inspired as well.  Helped people not to be embarrassed to shop second-hand and to see that it is so much more fun, and so much more creative and unique.  I hope that I've inspired people to SAVE money instead of SPEND money.  I hope I have shown someone what really matters in life.  It's not the fancy clothes you wear, or the expensive things you have around the house.  It's not the latest technology sitting in your hand or on your desk.  It's not the 2012 car in your garage.  It's the wonderful PEOPLE that surround you each day, it's GOD, it's PEACE.  

I have a saying hanging on my wall that says, "The secret to having it all is believing you do."  I couldn't agree more. :)  

THANK YOU so very, very much for supporting me on this little journey of mine.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for all the encouragement.  Thank you for all the nice things said.  Thank you for having Yard Sales. THANK YOU for INSPIRING me!

Now let's strike up the band, and...CELEBRATE! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Impact.

When I first started my project I had a few people tell me to watch this "No Impact Man".  Check it out.


P.S. This will NOT be my next project. ;)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Just got home from spending a day with my Sisters!  LOVE THEM! Now I want to go spend some time with the Hubby. So this is going to be short and sweet. He is downstairs vacuuming while I am up here blogging!  Rude, I am rude!  He spent the whole day with the kiddos doing yard work, laundry, dinner, dishes and who knows what else.  He always amazes me.  He is such a hard worker.  I am 100% BLESSED to have him in my life.  Okay sorry I just had to brag on my awesome HH for a minute. ;)

Any who...after spending a day in a Mall looking at "NEW" clothing, and even trying a few things on, and getting sticker shocked.  I have to say WOW, this is going to be an adjustment coming back to the "real world" as my sister called it. LOL.  I was dying whenever I would look at the price tag, and think what I could get that for at a Yard Sale.  It's IN-SANE people!!!  I'm pretty sure it's going to take some getting use to, but I'll never be the same after this project.  My "NORM" will not be the same as others.  I have to admit though, that it will be nice to get a few things to spruce up the old wardrobe. I already have my eye on a few things. ;)  REALLY, REALLY cute things!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Houston, I Have a Problem!

No Yard Sales for me this weekend...bummer.

This morning I have been on a Field Trip with Mr. C's class and tomorrow morning I'm going on a run with my Sister and then off to "City Creek Mall" for a much NEEDED sister day, with the BEST SISTERS on planet Earth I might add.  At first I was kinda bummed that we were going 2 DAYS BEFORE my project ends, but now I'm just SUPER EXCITED to go spend the day with some really AWESOME PEOPLE, who I am LUCKY enough to call my sisters. :)

I'm going to need my Yard Sale fix somehow though.  I've put Ashley in charge of going and getting some really great stuff. Ii have all the confidence in the world in her, after the last two weeks of Yard Selling. ;) She's AMAZING.  Also if any of you go out, PLEASE take pictures, and send them to me. Message me at I'd love to see all the great stuff that you get, and it will ease the pain of me not being out there with you. 

Really though I can't complain too much because I'll be with these AMAZING, and BEAUTIFUL people...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Days, But Who's Counting?

I am!  I'm counting!  This has been very awesome, very long, very life changing, very empowering,  very stressful, and I'm VERY ready to be done. :)  I'm so glad I stuck with it and did it though.  I can't believe I did!  It would've been so easy to just give up.  Nobody even cared but me.  It would've been even easier to cheat.  Do you know how many times I heard the phrase, " I'll buy it for you first, and then you can just buy it from me." No PEOPLE THAT'S CHEATING! :)  Love that everyone was so willing to help out though. :)  I have had so much support.  People you are AWESOME! 

I am very excited to buy something new AT LAST.  I've had lots of people asking me what my first purchase is going to be and I'm deciding on a couple of things.

A new swim suit.  The HH and I will be celebrating our 10 YEAR Anniversary this year and with all that money we saved this year ;) we were able to save enough to go on a cruise to celebrate. I can't even wait!!  Excited doesn't even begin to describe it!  So of course I'll "NEED" a new suit...or two. ;)  I haven't bought a new swimming suit in 5 years! 5 YEARS!

Here are some options, what do you think?

 This one as many options for bottoms. What do you think?

I also want one of these really cute floppy sun hats.  I've always been a fan, but never have bought one.  I think it's time. :)

Something else I've been eying are the cute colored  skinny jeans.  I especially like the mint, and the coral.

I'll be going to "City Creek Mall" in SLC this Saturday (Yes 2 DAYS before my project ends!).  I won't be buying anything, but I will be eying up all the stores to see what I want to buy come May 1st! Eeeeeee!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The BEST Things in Life Aren't THINGS!

Saturday was another one of those days that solidified that 

Mr. C went and worked for his Grandpa all morning and came home with a new pet "Sally the Salamander".  He was so excited!  He worried and stressed about her getting sick, not breathing, and if she was happy for 2 days.  He ended up taking it back to Grandpa's house and letting it go in his pond.  "I'm going to miss her Mom, but I know it will be the best thing for her." said with tear filled eyes almost broke my heart.
Sparkling clean windows that I didn't even have to clean! The HH went on a window cleaning rampage!!  I told you he is HANDY to have around. :)
Note: The shed in the back ground is for our goats (yes we have goats! Long story) it is older then the HH.  It was his great-Grandpa's. Talk about SECOND-HAND!

To end the day we had a get together with friends.  They are so great!!!!!!!  We had a ball, the kids had a ball.  GOOD TIMES!

What a fun filled weekend! Full of JOY, and it didn't cost a penny. :)  That's what I'm talking about! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Finds #2

Ashley recently finished her basement resulting in the need of a lot of new house decor, and such.  She also recently had a new baby girl after having 3 (adorable) sons.  Thus resulting in LOTS of new baby girl things!  :)  It's so fun going Yard Selling with her because she finds so much stuff, for sweet prices I might add. :)

Here's the breakdown:
 Lady bug Halloween costume. $1

 Lamp and lamp shade $2 each. Two baskets, I can't remember how much, but cheap!

 She bought this picture for the frame $4!

 Misc goods.  The only thing I can remember the price on is the rug gripper-$1

 Framed mirror that she wants to repaint $2.  i wish I would've bought this!  I forgot that I was looking for one to put in Miss J's room above her desk.  I give you $3 for it Ash. ;)

 Diaper bag.  dang I can't remember on this on either!  It was cheap!  Like $2 or something.
 I DO remember how much these to were though .10 a piece! Awesome!

She got all this for $19!!!!
And that was just Friday! :)

Saturday's Goods:

 Working Laptop for $5.

 Shelf-$2 and DVD player-$2
 Coat -$3, hat-? I didn't even see her buy this!
 Gap pants with the tags still on $1
Some more misc. goods.
She spent a total of $18 that day!  
Go Ash!

Stacy came with us this time, loved it!  She scored with a Baby Bjorn carrier for $3!!!!!  It looks brand-new too! Those things are at least $80 and that's a good deal.  When I was looking on-line today Target had them listed for $119!!!  Sorry I didn't get a picture. :(

I also locked my keys in my car while out on Saturday.  It was at a crappy Yard Sale too, and it took the cops 30 min.s to come unlock it. On a happy note though, the cop was AWESOME!  He looked like he was from a cop movie from the 70's.  Strawberry blond hair parted on the side, aviator glasses, and a little pencil mustache.  He is officially my new FAVORITE cop. :)